​Employee Financial Education Programs
Half and full-day seminars or modular seminars and workshops on all aspects of personal financial management for employees.
Custom designed programs, which can be modified to incorporate company benefit plans.
Communication programs for benefits changes.
Programs for special needs groups, including, amont others: employees preparing to work overseas, or those preparing for voluntary retirement.

Estate Planning:
Strategies for wealth preservation for future generations.
Planned giving strategies.
Examination of options for financial management during periods of personal incapacity.
Will planning.

Expatriate Financial Planning
Non-resident tax planning
Cash management strategies while out of the country
Insurance needs assessment and estate planning prior to overseas departure.
Date of departure tax returns.

Divorce Financial Analysis
Divorce settlements are becoming increasingly more complicated. The Divorce Financial Analysis process may include some of the following:
Financial Modeling to show divorcing clients how they will be affected by decisions about their finances.  
Creation of computer generated scenarios that take into account how assets will be split to show all parties what their future income and expenses may be like and to project income taxes.
Discussion of divorce implications for the small business owner and the spouse.

IAFP: Institute of Advanced Financial Planning

What is Comprehensive Financial Planning?



Retirement Financial Planning
Strategies to preserve personal wealth and maximize cash flow by ensuring that all applicable investment, estate, and tax options are considered.

Personal Tax Planning

Preview of overall family tax strategies in order to optimize and preserve family wealth.  Examination of income splitting opportunities between spouses.
Examination of options for improving tax efficiencies of investment portfolios.

On-Line Financial Planning
One-on-one or group live Financial Planning Sessions 
Canada Wide (Except for Quebec).
Designed to cover any combination of the  listed services
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Career Transition Financial Planning
Selecting best strategies for cash management during career transitions.
Review of all available tax deferral opportunities and thorough examination of potential tax consequences.
Review of life, disability, and medical insurance requirements during career transition.
Review of pension options.
Accurate tax preparation services, available all year, and prepared by certified tax preparers.

Financial Worksheets